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A word from the teachers

"As you start this journey to master the principles and purposes of Jesus Christ, remember it is your personal heart towards the things of God that will ultimately determine your success. Your response to what God asks of you reveals the very nature within you and the condition of your heart. You cannot let fear or personal preference stop you in your struggle to obey God’s Word. Inevitably, you will be asked to tackle your own giants and deal with your own inadequacies as you compare your life responses to those of the Savior. Your pursuit of God will leave you with the reality that He is God and you are not. You must be determined never to lower the principles or the standards of Jesus Christ, no matter the difficulties men face in trying to attain them. It is His power and love for you that has called you to His work, and it will be your love and willingness to submit to His will that will cause you to walk in good success. It is important that you understand that you cannot truly teach principles that you are not obeying yourself. There is much more to ministry mastery than just telling others how to live. Mastery happens when you succeed in your experience by applying God’s knowledge. Only then will you gain the understanding necessary to teach, and only then will you gain the wisdom required to move forward in the Truth of God." 
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Expecting God's best in your life and calling,
Scott C. Lovett

Church Planting & Ministry Administration Specialist

This teaching is leading you to the Truth; the person of Jesus Christ as He manifests Himself in His servants and in His Church. It is dedicated to those who preach the Word of God with guile, so they may take heed to their ways and repent of the avarice which controls them. It is dedicated to the Bride, that she may rejoice as the Bridegroom comes forth, leading her into wisdom and understanding, made perfect, wanting nothing.
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Building the Bride, Awaiting the Groom
John Holler
Organization, Audio, and Tech Specialist

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