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The Class Curriculum is unique and designed specifically with you in mind.  It takes us on a journey through the Word of God that gives each participant a deep understanding of God's desires and structures for
His Church. 

The Course Curriculum

God's Champion: Becoming a Man of God
This book deals with the basics of someone called by God to do kingdom work

Ministry Mastery: A Biblical Course of Ministry, Spiritual Leadership,
and Church Government

30 Lessons divided into 4 Sections including The Master of the Ministry, God's Government, Servant Ministers, and Ministry Mishaps. A glossary of Greek terms and literal translations that deal with ministry qualification.

Ministry Mastery Authority Booklets
4 Booklets that explain the processes each individual must master as they grow into each level of God's authority. Each booklet deals with each stage of growth.  The stages are Disciple, Deacon, Elder, Bishop.

Ministry Mastery Calling Booklets
5 Booklets that define the requirements of each Biblical calling.  Each person with a calling must look to the Word to let God define the work. If we fail to the the BIblical work then we are not truly laboring for the Lord. 
 Each booklet deals with the personal requirments to fulfill the call..  The callings are Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher..

Understand the Ministry:
Discover the Rewards of Biblical Church Government!


A Complete Biblical Course on Authority, Ministry, and Church Government.


1 Pre-Course Introduction Book, A Complete Training Manual  350 pgs consisting of 30 Lessons & an Authority Definition Appendix, Nine Quick Reference Books on Authority & Calling, Approximately 45 hours of  training.


Ministry Mastery


The process of becoming a master takes more than earning a degree, obtaining knowledge, or a desire to operate in a call. The process of mastery is one that takes time, personal experience, and the method of learning the principles  in God's Word that cause successful execution.


God's Government


When you speak the word “government” in the current day, you will inevitably open up a huge topic with varied emotions, opinions, and ideas.  The ignorance concerning this topic is so overwhelming that many people avoid even mentioning it; yet each and every one of us is subject to the Word of God.  In this section, you will understand true Biblical authority!


Servant Ministry


To hold the office of any kind of a called minister, you first must understand the processes of the anointing.  The anointing of God is not the office, but rather the power of the Holy Spirit that uses the gift to fulfill the purposes of God.  The more we live like Jesus the more power fills our call!


Ministry Mishaps & Church History


Along with this study of true Church government, we must also go into the various difficulties presented to us in our day concerning men not accepting the Bible as the only source of Truth. Therefore to contaminate the Scripture by adding to It, or to dismember It by taking away from It are both unacceptable. Let's take a look!


Local Church
Ministry & Structure


Many people say they are called to the ministry, but the calling must be developed inside of a local assembly so the individual can learn to work and function with all the callings of God. The calling is not developed by a denomination or simply by gaining knowledge through book study.  It takes the local assembly to produce ministers. Ministers are produced at the local church level.  You don’t just do ministry.  This teaching will take you through the steps to success, but you will have to do the work!

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