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 Coming to Tulsa
Starting February 3rd at 6pm. 

Real Church
315 S. Sheridan Road
Tulsa, OK 74112


"Ministry that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing."


~ John Henry Jowett

Reserve your books 
and spot in the class
for only $30!

Looking to become a minister? 


Become a master of ministry by going through our in-depth teaching. You'll learn what it really takes to be in the ministry. Discern the issues of denomination, hierarchy, strange titles, false preachers, wicked people, dirty toilets, and much, much more. Think you're up for the challenge? Get started by registering for the upcoming 15 week course.

Learn about Biblical Church Government.


Ministry isn't just about one person or one gift. Nor is it a business, run by a board of individuals looking to make money off of people seeking God. Find out about God's structure for church government as well as a variety of other insightful topics in our Ministry Mastery classes. Find one near you.

Help for all levels? 


Whether you are overseeing a local assembly, running a ministry, or participating within a ministry work, this class is for you.  It is important for each member of the body of Christ to know where they fit and how their calling works.  Without proper structure years of ministry work can be destroyed simply out of ignorance.  No matter how much zeal we have, people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. 

Who is Scott C. Lovett


Scott C. Lovett serves as the Overseer of Real Church in Tulsa, OK. Since 1994 he has travelled and worked for many internationally known ministries, ministered in hundreds of churches nationwide, and has assisted in the founding and structure of both ministries and churches for over twenty five years.  

He has devoted his life to the work of the ministry and remains full time in kingdom work. His desire is to see every local church and ministry operating together in true Church Government.  As local churches arise, the last day Bride of Christ will mature and the work of the Holy Spirit will be accomplished to culmination of the final harvest.

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