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Friday, April 1st.7pm

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Washington Park Mall

2350 SE Washingtom Blvd

Bartlesville, OK 74006


A Power Packed Series Comprised of Over 15 Years of Biblical Church Government Precepts and Study

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Increase in Wisdom and Stature

  1. Introduction
  2. Become A Master
  3. The Measure of the Master
  4. The Master of the House
  5. The Head of the Church
  6. Issues of Government
  7. True Authority
  8. Growing to Full Stature
  9. The Road to Union
  10. Gender Issues
  11. Divorce Decisions
  12. Ministry Addiction
  13. Spiritual Expertise
  14. God's Governor
  15. Biblical Measures
  1. One Spirit, One Anointing​
  2. The Work of a Teacher
  3. The Work of a Pastor
  4. The Work of an Evangelist
  5. The Work of a Prophet
  6. The Work of an Apostle
  7. Ministry: Edifying the Body
  8. Dangerous Doctrine
  9. The Rite Man
  10. Understanding the False
  11. Men Made Manipulation
  12. The False & The True
  13. Conflict & Action
  14. The Local Assembly
  15. Due Process