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Mission Impossible Becomes Mission Possible!

Americans across the land are realizing that there is something terribly wrong with our country. The truth is, the current generation has lost the core principles which made our nation great. Teaching Christian character and principles of liberty is a task that is imperative in each successive generation to sustain American liberty for its Gospel purpose. First and foremost, the Gospel message must reach the hearts of today's youth. Second, we must open their eyes to the core principles that make a Christian Nation. Many people think that an "awakening" in our day is almost impossible. We forget that with God, all things are possible to them that believe. Instead of focusing on mission impossible, we are focusing on "Mission Possible," believing God to stir up a group of young people for His purpose. 


Over Church History, numbers of young people have obeyed the Gospel, learned to pray, preach, and know what real Christian relationship is through the work of Summer Camp. Many teens even found a lifetime companion among the fellow campers. Through these types of events, young people are encouraged in their faith as Christians. A much deeper realization of what it means to really worship God has been the result of the nightly devotional under the stars, standing in the “very center of God’s creation — in our own Garden of Eden."


The "Mission Possible" will take place at a group camp located in the Lake Eufaula State Park. It is a natural environment perfectly set for a getaway with God, friends, and creation. We ask that the parents and church assemblies of the youth that God sends to attend would join our staff in prayer, asking God to pour His Holy Spirit out over each and every camper. God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, will inspire, fire up, and raise up young people ready to fulfill His will.

Psa 139:14  
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Identity theft is when information about you is stolen by someone else and used without your permission.  They dumpster dive, use pop-ups on the internet, skim your credit card number from a machine, steal your change-of-address info, scam you through a phone call, or just rob you. How ever they do it, they pretend to be you and take what is yours!

Identity theft occurs with Christians all the time–the Great Evil Thief steals your true identity by defeating you, discouraging you, delaying you from obedience, denying you of your privileges, and deceiving you about your real purpose on this planet. 

The truth is, true believers are so privileged, each of us appears as fragile as Clark Kent, but in Christ we are Superman, empowered men and women with amazing privileges and a noble purpose.  

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