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June 1st - June 4th

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It's time to get your faceback!

There isn't an app for this... it's called a relationship. we know You've been buried in facebook instead of burying your face in the book, so Our theme this year reclaims the actions and emotions you spend on social media and virtual reality. Snap out of it. Life isn't about the latest post. IT is about a savior who was nailed to one so you could #befree.


This Year's location: Jellystone Park


we are so excited to be at Jellystone park this year. Each cabin comes with its own kitchen and the fun never stops with the lake just a few feet from the front door! Campers get to compete in cooking competitions, cabin wars has never been wetter and the gong show is back! 

As always, the highlights of the week are the special services where campers can touch God and be completely focused on him. We end the week with a special prayer service where every camper gets a one on one experience with the power of God.

Applications and payments will be accepted until 1pm on registration day.