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Register Today! Just $135 per Camper!

Youth Camp starts Tuesday Morning 7am!

Get your REAL             !

 The young people of today are encouraged to “look inward and explore,” “go on a journey of self-discovery,” “do things that make you happy,” “ignore judgment” and, in short, turn our focus entirely toward ourselves. According to this thinking, our identity is something only we can define, and our emotions get the ruling vote on who we are. Any objective standard of identity has been torn away. Growing up amid such uncertainty, is it any wonder teens are questioning who they are?    


 Our young people are under attack as individuals sample “alternate realities.” But the truth of reality is as intrinsic as the force of gravity in our atmosphere. You can’t shove it aside, and no matter what anyone says, it will always continue to exist. We are human beings. We are boys or girls. Our bodies tell us this is true, and regardless of what subjective emotions claim, these are facts that cannot be shoved aside and will always continue to exist.

In a nutshell, the true reason for today’s identity crisis is not that we have forgotten who we are, but that society has rejected the God who created them. Cut off from the source of all life and truth, humanity naturally flounders. Hardened hearts sink into confusion and despair as they refuse to grasp hold of the lifeline of truth extended to them—the knowledge of God and the saving blood of Jesus. To understand our identity we must always start with a greater understanding of God.  


Eph 2:10 KJV  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

This Year's location:
Arrowhead State Park

Harbin Group Camp
3995 Main Park Road
Canadian, Oklahoma 74425


This is A Unique getaway for your youngster, With bunkhouses, two bath houses, a fishing pond, an industrial kitchen, and a pavilion. the harbin Group Camp at Lake Eufaula has an iconic, timeless charm that is the perfect spot for our Summer get-together! Featuring a Sports complex, hiking, a private beach, and much more, Be prepared for a full schedule of fun and activities each day.

Applications and payments will be accepted until 1pm on registration day. 


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