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Video Production
Audio Recording
Graphic Design Work

Fervent Fire Productions offers many different services to aid churches and ministers. We're here to help you do the work of the ministry!


We offer in-studio production, musical arrangement, song promotion, song development, audio and sound advice, CD mastering, duplication, and development.

From television commercials, YouTube clips, online streaming, television commercials, and much more, Fervent Fire Productions is here to help you with your ministry and outreach.

Book, sermon, & CD covers, brochures, flyers, catalogs, ministry logos - we have you covered for your design and layout needs!


Aren't sure how to set up a sound system, but need your congregation to be able to hear your praise and worship team? We can help!


Do you think you want to publish a book?  We are honest and will walk you through all the requirements and options.  Once you decide we will help you get the product into your hands.


We can get you ready to go with your very own church or ministry website as well as get you started on social media sites such as Facebook. We also offer social media management.


Whether designing a logo, building social media, building a website, gathering partners, or streaming to the world.  We want to help ministries grow and flourish.  Check out the links below for a few examples. (We also created this website!)

Partner Portal
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Partnership is Personal.png
Giving Portal
Bringing Bible Principles to Real Life!

Video & Television

Here is an example of our television show that aired on national television.  Also a few examples of advertisements and promotions.

Do you like what you see?

We'd love to help you! Fervent Fire Productions offers these services for those working for the Kingdom of God. We want to help churches and ministries present themselves in the best way possible. Call us at 888-242-5229 ext. 2 or contact us through let us help for a free consultation. We are about excellence showing forth the work of Jesus Christ.  If we do the work we are very affordable, if you do the work we love to consult and instruct.  We just ask that you understand time is value able in this life and we have a work to do.  No  matter what, we expect you to do your part in donations so we can continue to help ministries.  All services are offered at a certain suggested rate.  All gifts are considered a donation.

*We are a Christian non-profit and we evaluate the character and and nature of requests. Not all requests are granted because of time availability.  FFP retains the right to refuse service for any reason.

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