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Scriptural Foundations

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While the calling of ministry is important, the building of it is crucial.  Vision is easy to see in the supernatural realm, but establishing it to be seen in the natural is an ordered process set by God and revealed in His Word.  Not only is it imperative to take steps concerning order, these steps reflect the personal growth of the leader.  Leadership must be prepared to grow in character and expertise, while maintaining a teachable spirit.  We must understand God's structures include our individual growth, as we learn to respond and act the right way. It streams down to grow others involved in our ministry operations as well.  We can setup the natural aspects from bylaws, sound, filings, accounting, marketing, and more, but the principles of leadership are the basis for success with God and man. 

Our Ministry Mastery course is specifically designed to teach leaders the required Biblical structures to fulfill the vision and calling of ministry.  Leadership growth is not attained overnight it is developed as we operate with a true heart motive towards God.  This is revealed in the Spiritual and the natural ways we live our lives.  We grow as we gain experience and apply the Biblical principles to our lives.

 Joshua 1:8 "do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success."

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Articles of Incorporation are a important legal shield, they bind an organization together as an entity that is legal and separate from an individuals identity. This step protects you, your ministers, and your members.

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A FEIN is an a number that provides identification for your church or ministry organization.  It allows the organization to be established as a separate identity so you can open a bank account.

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Constitution & Bylaws establish governing structure to the organization.  This protects the vision, the ministry, and your members. Churches and non profit ministries need to have these in place.




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We cannot stress the importance of being educated in the differences that exist between a non profit organization and a Church. Tax exempt status for each type of entity not established the same way.

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Principles of operation and management area must have for anything to run in a successful manner.  Preparation, process, and structure need to be implemented in every project and department.

Marketing, Social Media, and technology work hand in hand to take the Gospel message where you want it to go.  Staying updated on the latest tech helps us acheive your goal.  Marketing what you want said is crucial.


Tax Exempt


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Spend some time with us and learn about ordination and licensing.  Let's evaluate if it is needed to do what you are called to.  Learn how these two steps function outside of denomination.

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Giving is the fuel that funds all ministry and non profit work.  Setting up ways for people to give is very important.  Also how you approach giving is even more important so people are connected  feel a part.

Taking the time to appreciate volunteers, partners, members, and ministers is the backbone of all ministry work.  For it to be done correctly it has to be intentional.




Fervent Fire Evangelistic Ministries Inc and Fervent Fire Productions and other assocaited entities are considered a non profit resource that assists ministries and churches. We recognize that laws change and that we cannot make decisions for you. It is not intended to be legal advice in any way or form. This site is meant to be used as a reference work only, which may or may not help you make informed decisions concerning your church or ministry. It is not to be used in replacement of or as a substitute for a lawyer or CPA. As always, you should seek the counsel of a competent lawyer or CPA. The authors and/or publishers are not responsible for any legal repercussions, adverse effects, or consequences resulting from the use of any of the information discussed on this site or during times of assistance or help.  


Donation Based


Fervent Fire has assisted hundreds of ministries and churches with start up, documentation, education, evaluation, and structured growth.  Our staff has over 25 years of ministry experience and establishment.  Expertise is more than knowledge it is skill, experience, and wisdom in problem solving.

While we love to help everyone called to the work of the ministry, our goal is to continue to provide services to other start ups, ministries, churches and more.  In this way we can further the Gospel and expand God's Kingdom.  All of our suggested service fees are very affordable for the amount of service we provide.  To help us continue the work please consider a monthly donation of support. Your faithfulness will help for years to come.

May our relationship be built and established as we fulfill our roles and do the right thing.  At Fervent Fire we are sincere in our call and dedication to the work God has placed in our care. We feel the same about the success of every work we are asked to assist.  When we are called by God we have an accountability to Him, His Word, and to others.   This is how we build trust.

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